The work of Zac Ella is pure delight. Drawing from a wide variety of styles and being a sharp observer of human behavior, he tells funny and insightful pop stories about everyday life, youth culture, and modern love. The result is a combination of Marx Brothers, The Muppets and candid camera. 

Where do you come from?

I come from Kippax.

When did you know, you wanted to become a professional creative?

When I first moved to London, I worked in retail for Urban Outfitters. Before long, I was fired for undisclosed circumstances. To promote my ‘Leaving Drinks’ I designed a series of posters - which ironically became the opening pages to my first professional portfolio. I never showed up to my ‘Leaving Drinks’.

How do you work?

I pretty much never switch off from working - and i blame my phone. As we all know - it’s pretty ‘handy’ and easy to take everywhere with you. The way I work is orientated around silly little notes, voice memos, jokes, song melodies, photos, screen shots and more often than not short videos that I record on my phone. IT’s even got to the stage where I block out scenes by myself by filming myself on my phone and editing to gather short clips to see if ideas work. I may hate my face IRL - but it works for what I need to do on-screen. When it comes to adapting these ideas - I’m ultra professional. I take my work seriously - but have fun with the approach. Especially when working with others - I love sharing the fun.

How has visual storytelling changed within the last 25 years? What is the future of "storytelling"?

Being a Millenial, I’ve noticed a lot of change within visual storytelling. The internet playing a BIG role. People have shorter attention spans. It’s fascinating to try and adapt a message or story that caters for this ADHD world. Social platforms such as Instagram and Vine pretty much prove this - being able to film and share clips with a max timeline of 5 to 15 seconds. Sure, a lot of them are throwaway ideas and goofy content - but some resonate with an immediate and shotgun visual story.

I’m a HUGE lover of Instagram videos - mainly because of the ‘looping’ feature. Just trapping myself in a 15second timeline that lasts for eternity. There’s something mesmerising that we can all escape into for as long as we want.