In its work the studio “Schall & Schnabel” processes the world into a kaleidoscope of pixels, skin, hair, and cubist shapes. Schall & Schnabel are chroniclers of continuous change and permanent deconstruction. Everything is always on the move, and visual background noise keeps entering the images, lending the sometimes rigorous compositions a fascinatingly strange aesthetics. In the way they use light and shadow, the works remind us of a combination of Man Ray, psychedelic drugs, and the color spectrum of an extraterrestrial insect.

Basically we are sharing the same vision of refracturing viewing habits. We even coded programs to interfere with the visual data.

Where do you come from?

Eileen got her degree in visual design at the University of Applied Sciences. Pierre studied design & philosophy, but he has mainly a literary backround. These different backrounds are the perfect combination for our conceptual & experimental work.

When did you know, you wanted to become a professional creative?

It just happened basically. We both didn't want to work as employees and so we started our own business. We startet out as regular photographers in the fields of fashion and portrait. But our curiosity in regards to new technologies and moving images got us into videography, animation and collaborations with different artists from various disciplines. We never really decided to become professionals, but we simply dicided at one point a few years back not to stop doing, what we love to do. To be inspired, to create and challenging ourselves.

How do you work?

We are talking to each other about possible concepts, ideas & how to develope our imagery constantly. This is very essential for us. We are proceeding every step and decision as a team and we have a common notion of intuition, work mode and taste. All of our works contain a mixture of analogue and digital effects. We are constantly developing new ways of alienating our visuals, with selfmade objects or prisms to create analogue interference or even coded programs to interfere with the visual data. Basically we are sharing the same vision of refracturing viewing habits.

What do you think is the biggest challenge nowadays when it comes to creativity?

One of the biggest challenges is to clarify how much creative work is worth. Also we are always trying to get the best possible results, so it's unevitable to work with us from the beginning. From the first draft to postproduction, we need to be involved in the process. Also it's getting harder for us to focus and juggling all the ideas, that are floating around in our heads. Sometimes we wish to have more time to spare or more than just two creative lives.

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