apricotberlin’s chinemagraphs are reminiscent of the pictorial worlds of social media, the visual universes of instagram and snapchat. The duo - Jessica Schwarz and Tiago da Silva - stages short, immersive moments that are sometimes almost melancholic and contemplative, but always poetic and sexy. They have an extraordinary skill to choose their models. They pick contemporary icons, simultaneously likable and distanced. The incarnation of Zeitgeist.

Where do you come from?

Jess was born on the Island Rügen in Germany but I grew up in a small city near the Nordsee and moved to Bonn with my family when I was 12. I have been living in Berlin for one year. Tiago is Portuguese and born in a small town near Lisbon but moved to Germany at the age of 11. I have been living in Berlin since 2013.

When did you know, you wanted to become a professional creative?

Jess: I knew, since I did a brief internship at a photo studio, that I wanted to something creative in my life. But even though I was passioned about photography and in building something of my own, I gave in to my parent´s wishes. I studied Business Administration instead, even though I hated it and finally, after my bachelor and after having met Tiago, I decided to pursue my passion.

Tiago: I knew from early on that I wanted to become an artist and was fortunate enough to have parents that supported me. I was on the brink of studying at the art academy of Düsseldorf but choose communication design instead, which later led me to textile design. A fateful encounter with Jess finally led us to photography and cinemagraphy.

How do you work?

A cinemagraph is a much slower and more complex process than taking a photo. So instead of working with two cameras we like to work together on one camera. When doing our own projects we always have a concept we develop together with our models. They are everyday style icons so involving them in the process is always very productive. Afterwards we select locations, outfits and moods around it. We want every single one of our shoots to have a unique aesthetic.

What does "Zeitgeist" mean in your opinion?

his very Zeitgeist is something that we attempt to capture in our work. We want to give the viewer an honest, blunt, natural view of the human beings in front our cameras. Our Zeitgeist is based on a raw and honest parlance. A reflection of our and our models perceptions.