Digital media changes every second. Audiences alter their habits on a daily basis. Thus, the only way to keep the conversation alive is to turn to the outstanding artists who reinvent the digital landscape day by day. Artists with the ability to tell stories within 3 seconds. On a mobile. In social media. On a watch. Or a display in your city.

Klutoo is a company built to make their creative potential accessible. Therefore we connect unique talent with creative people, companies and their clients to produce outstanding digital media. Our exciting digital artists are handpicked from all over the world. From Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the United States.

We will continue to expand to new horizons: game design, digital strategy, virtual reality, social media art. Whatever anybody may develop anywhere in the world to prove that there is still room for something new.

The future of digital media is made by those who invent it.


Christa, who started out with representing visual talent, is interested in the challenges of digital communication. She is inspired by a new generation of artists who combine photography with animation, motion, and storytelling. While she still loves photography, she is fascinated by the creative power and freedom of the digital age.

Andreia is Klutoo’s talent scout and liaison officer, connecting the company with some of the most exciting artists in the world. Her love for the extraordinary is the driving force behind her scouting. After 10 years of working with some of the finest artists worldwide, she brings experience and passion to the team.

We would love to work with you!

Christa & Andreia