Digital media changes every second. Audiences alter their habits on a daily basis. Thus, the only way to keep the conversation alive is to turn to the outstanding artists who reinvent the digital landscape day by day. Artists with the ability to tell stories within 3 seconds. On a mobile. In social media. On a watch. Or a display in your city. Read more

T.J. Fuller

The creator of 3 dimensional dreams

Enter the gif-land of laser eyed wolves and where glowing orcas reign the digital seas, where winged labradors fly over neon rainbows and mystical deer roam through matrixed space. Read more

Schall & Schnabel

The chroniclers of permanent deconstruction

In its work Schall & Schnabel process the world into a kaleidoscope of pixels, skin, hair, and cubist shapes. They are chroniclers of continuous change and permanent deconstruction. Read more

Zac Ella

There is some fun in every little thing.

The work of Zac Ella is pure delight. Drawing from a wide variety of styles and being a sharp observer of human behavior, he tells funny and insightful pop stories about everyday life, youth culture, and modern love. Read more

James Kerr aka.scorpiondagger

A Renaissance Man. Remixed.

Vancouver-based artist James Kerr gives us the renaissance of the renaissance. He virtually sneaks into museums to revive masterpieces by adding, well, funny stuff. Read more

Elza Jo

Hard-boiled heroine.

Elza Jo uses mixed media to create powerful urban heroes. Although rough and stylish, her work is counterbalanced by a sensitive and feminine perspective. Read more

Richie Brown

The Crazy-Colored Clown. 

If Walt Disney, Robert Crumb, and Andy Warhol ever had a son, he would be known by the name of Richie Brown. Read more


The incarnation of Zeitgeist

The duo apricotberlin stages short, immersive moments that are sometimes almost melancholic and contemplative, but always poetic and sexy. Read more

Jaime Martínez

Light the city.

Right from the heart of creative epicenter Mexico City, Jaime Martínez provides the world with his unique view of urban beauty. Read more

Marie Chapuis

Marie in Wonderland

Marie Chapuis once followed Lewis Caroll on a trip through a rabbit hole to study the realms of the unexpected. Read more

Maison Vignaux

The couple with a million talents.

Originating from France, now Berlin based, the creative team of Maison Vignaux combine photography, moving images, and illustration into a new form of holistic visuality. Read more